Tanakaya Senbei


“Tanakaya Senbei General Head House” who holds the head office in Honcho Ogaki City is a long-established senbei shop in Founding Ansei Sixth year (1859). The popular product is  “Miso Ogaki rice crackers”. It keeps the unchanged handmade recipe in over 150 years.


The current head office was built after the war. Although the inside of the store is renovated, the pillars and beams which were made by Miya Daiku who are carpenters specializing in temple are still used in the store.

From the window along the road, you can see the man making rice crackers every day.


A slightly sweet taste and crispy miso flavored Ogaki crackers’ ingredients are flour, sugar, miso, sesame, water”. It’s so simple.


Because of its simplicity, the taste of the material stands out.

Now aiming to continue steadily for a long time in the future, we began producing miso at our company.

A veteran person of baking senbei seems to make senbei easily, but the baking molds are very heavy in reality.

Since burning time can not be confirmed from outside, it depends on feeling from his experience.

Removing baked rice cracker from the baking mold also requires subtle force adjustment, so it will harden as soon as it is removed, so quickly transfer it to a drying table.



In addition to normal thick type, the miso Ogaki cracker also has two-folded and four-folded type.

The four-folded type is said to be the hardest in Japan.

The origin of how hard rice crackers were born is not certain, but in times when sweet things were expensive, there is also the theory that it was made hard so that it can be tasted longer!



Next, I got valuable materials related to the Ogaki Festival.

Actually this is a baked mold engraved with motifs from the Ogaki Festival. It seems to have come about when they organized the shed.

Currently only 4 are left, but it is said that it was probably originally that all 13 were complete.


Besides Miso Ogaki cracker, the series of “Tamahodo” which  name is the brand name at the time of its founding is also popular. As opposed to Ogaki crackers which are hard-baked miso sauce, recommend it for snacks to children as well!

In addition to sesame seeds, peanuts, pumpkins, etc., recently, we have joined the unusual flavor such as mint, coconut. Seasonal limited items are also released depending on the season.

Beyond the era, Tanakaya Senbei is pleased with a wide range of generations.

Ogaki Souvenir and, as a tea dealer at home, please enjoy it.



Tanakaya senbei


address: 2-16 Honmachi Ogaki Gifu

open: 9:30~18:00 (until 17:00 on Sunday)