【Award ceremony】The poster exhibition of Ogaki Matsuri festival

On February 10, 2018 a panel discussion and award ceremony of the world’s poster exhibition of the Ogaki Festival was held.

50 works were selected from the total of 227 entries, and two works were selected as excellent awards.

To the Excellence Award

Ayumi Kiryu (Japan) / photo left

Patricia Rongawa (Poland) / photo right

were chosen.


Ms.Kiryu who is usually active as a font designer in Tokyo  attended  the award ceremony.

That was the first opportunity for her to visit Gifu.

This poster was also produced using the type of “Kiriko” which was designed by herself.


On the stage of the awards ceremony,Mr. KIryu says as follows.

In production, I studied the characteristics of the Ogaki Festival and put images on the character of “Ogaki(大垣)”.

“大” which is a kanji is represented by Daikoku, and “垣” represents the mallet and bag of Daikoku and festival car.

It is an attractive competition that makes use of local technology.The posters are printed on silk screen on Mino Japanese paper, which is a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

I would be happy if this poster would be a little inspiration to visit this place.


She watch the finished poster and told us Mino Japanese paper is paper that gives a sense of three-dimensional appearance, through which light can be passed through, even though fiber quality is transparent.

She says she was very happy because her poster was reported to those who do not know the Ogaki festival and local people have deeply understood about her work.


Executive Committee Chairman Mr. Hori commented that “Through the posters, I want people around the world to know about the Ogaki Festival.”

With the posters it is expected that the Ogaki Festival will spread across national borders.

And Ms.Kiryu’s future success is greatly anticipated.


Ogaki Festival World Poster Exhibition Award Ceremony

Date and time :  Saturday, February 10,  1:00 p.m. ~ 3:00 p.m.

Venue  :  Gifu Keizai University Building No. 4 1st floor 4101 Classroom