About Ogaki Poster Museum, Japan

Ogaki Poster Museum, Japan was established in 1996 as the first museum for poster art in Japan.Since its opening, it has repeatedly exhibited four times a year, such as the “National High School Student Poster Competition” and the “Ogaki International Invitation Poster Exhibition”, and the number of posters currently stored exceeds 10,000.



This museum aim for “establishment of international style of visual language”. At the same time as the opening, I called this to the world’s designer as the “Ogaki Declaration”. Furthermore, we appeal our gist to the world artists, and posters are donated by artists who agree. The network has spread all over the world from Ogaki.


In addition, in commemoration of the “Ogaki Festival’s Yama” in 2016 as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, in November 2017, “Ogaki Festival World Poster Exhibition” was held. We did the public invitation to the world’s artists “Ogaki Festival” poster design. You can see 52 items selected from 227 posters in 50 countries gathered and these were printed on silkscreen on this Mino paper and displayed. Please enjoy a variety of colorful posters.


In the Ogaki poster museum, as you can see the posters from not only in Japan but also from all over the world, the poster is an art that can deliver messages across national borders. In addition to the exhibition of posters, it is also a place to utilize the location within the premises of the university, we hold lectures actively by artists and university professors, and deepen citizen’s understanding of the art. Also, while dispatching to all over the world, it is unusual as an art museum to operate with local enterprises, youth groups, students, housewives and others, so that citizens themselves are active as Ogaki cultures.It is a characteristic of this museum.

In the future, our museum’s expectations are rising as a base for transmitting Gifu’s proud’s visual communication to the world, while holding both the viewpoints, the world and the region.



the Ogaki Poster Museum, Japan


503-8550 Gifu Keizai University 5-50, kitakata-cho, Ogaki city, Gifu




Saturday, Sunday, public holiday and the period for preparations an Exhibition.