We exhibited at Mino Washi AKARI Art Exhibition!

“Mino Akari Art Exhibition” was held on the streets rising Udatsu on October 6th and 7th, 2018,

and the handmade Mino Japanese paper gathered from all over the country in both general and elementary and middle school students.



In addition to exhibitions of public works, workshops and stalls related to the Mino Japanese paper are also very successful, so that viewers fill the streets from small children to elderly people.

There are not many places that have been extended business hours only on the day of the event in the store facing the street. It is a big event of raising the city!




All of the works that made use of the characteristics of Mino Washi that is strong and light-permeable is unique.

In order for people interested in Japanese paper art to stay in Mino, authors themselves or agents are supposed to carry in and out.



Even with the same Mino Japanese paper, there is nothing the same as any one with colored ones, or one using paper and paper overlap successfully, so you never get tired of seeing it!



This year Ogaki Festival poster exhibition of the world, we also exhibited a poster lighting using  Mino paper near the main stage.


In the sight that many beautiful posters that are also described as “modern Ukiyo-e prints” emerge in the dark night, many people stopped their feet and looked at the camera.



Main is Ogaki Festival Two works by Ayumi Kiryu and Patricia Longawa who won the Excellence Award at the world poster exhibition.

The vivid color of the silk screen shines on the cityscape.

Works from all over the world with the motif of the “Ogaki Festival” were very popular not only for Japanese but also for foreigners.

The city of Mino can be enjoyed as a sightseeing spot except during the event.

Please also visit those who missed this time and touch the culture of Mino Japanese paper!