Ogaki Festival Poster selected by citizen


“Ogaki Festival World Poster Exhibition” which was held at the  Ogaki Poster Museum.

We offered more than 200 works from 50 countries around the world by publicly inviting posters featuring the Ogaki Festival.

Two aspects of the Best Award and 50 points selected from among them are lined up in the art museum, one by one, each one is unique and broadens the frame of the concept of a poster.



Actually, during the exhibition period, guests who visited at the museum had a favorite one picked.

Since the voting result of “Ogaki Festival poster of your choice” has arrived, I will introduce 12 posters which were especially popular among 52 works here.

2. Takashi Akiyama /Japan


5.Elisa Baldissera/ITALY


21.Danny Khoury/LEBANON



26.Carina Länk/SWEDEN


31.Fadli Machda/INDONESIA



35. Karel Míšek/CZECH REPUBLIC



36.Piotr Mlodozeniec/POLAND


37.Masakazu Nagai/Japan




38.Myuka Nanbu/Japan


42.Kari Piippo/FINLAND


48.Shigeichi Umemura/Japan


51.Pedro Yamashita/JAPAN


Even though we are talking about the same Ogaki Festival, it is interesting to become such a wide variety of expressions.

Everyone looking at the poster in the street as “art” may have new discoveries!