Ogaki Festival Magazine

Ogaki Festival Magazine is a web magazine that sends out the charm of the city of Ogaki and the Ogaki Festival held every year there to the world. In accordance with the fact that the Ogaki festival’s “Yama” event was registered as “UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage” on December 1st, 2016, this magazine was started in 2018 by “Ogaki Festival World Poster Exhibition Executive Committee”.

About The poster exhibition of the Ogaki Matsuri festival executive committee

The poster exhibition of the Ogaki Matsuri festival executive committee was launched in May,2017 as the Ogaki Festival was registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. We developed an exhibition entitled “Ogaki International Invitation Poster Exhibition” that has been ongoing since 1996 in the form of inviting posters from prominent designers all over the world. Among them, awards and prize-winning posters are printed on this Mino paper by silk screen and exhibited. We will do activities for the further leap of the Ogaki Festival and poster art.

About the Ogaki Poster Museum, Japan

The Ogaki Poster Museum was established in 1996 as the first Japanese art museum for poster art. The main purposes are collection, storage, exhibition and research of posters, and the number of art posters in possession are over ten thousand. In addition, we carried out international invitation poster exhibitions, poster exhibitions by country, solo exhibitions etc. to communicate with graphic designers and artists all over the world. Through posters, we aim to create great cultural cities.