Ogaki festival 2018


The Ogaki festival was held on May 12 and 13 this year.

13 Yama gathered at the Ogaki Hachiman Shrine to demonstrate ceremonial performances.

After that, they will move to the special venue in front of Ogaki City Hall.



The Ogaki festival is an annual festival of Ogaki Hachiman Shrine that lasts over 370 years.

Designated as a country important intangible folk cultural property in 2008, in 2007 the “Ogaki festival’s Yama” was registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.




Over 500 food carts and a lot of people filled the road!


Due to unfortunate rain on the second day this year, the number of visitors was 220,000 people, which is less than 70,000 compared to last year, but it is also the year of the milestone of the 100th anniversary of the Ogaki-shi.




The highlight of the festival is Yama!

It is said that when the Ogaki Hachiman Shrine was rebuilt by Mr. Toda Tetsuko in 1648, it was the first time that Yama appeared in the Ogaki festival.


Yamas that have been destroyed by natural disasters and battles have also been restored and rebuilt little by little, and in 2012, the first time in 70 years all 13 Yama gathered together.

When I arrived at the special venue in front of the Ogaki City Hall, I showed hanging scroll show towards the city hall.

Once in Ogaki Castle there was an exhibition of hanging scroll towards the Ogaki lord, but now the role is played by Mayor Ogaki.



When the hanging roll show is over, they scatters in the city.



Young girls also danced elegantly on the Yama and showed the achievements of the practice.


And when the sun goes down, 13 Yama are gathered again at Ogaki Hachiman Shrine.

The lanterns are lit all at once, the dawn of the night shrine is finally over!



In the climax, the festival’s enthusiasm is at its peak in a powerful performance that rotates the Yama!!


In this way, the Ogaki Festival in 2018 finished safely.

I am looking forward to seeing a spectacle of lively festivals in Ogaki next year as well.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!