The practice of “Ohayashi” is beginning

About 3 weeks until the day of the Ogaki Festival this year.

In the town of Ogaki every evening the sound of the practice of “Ohayashi”!

On April 21st (Friday), this day they started training lessons for kids in Honmachi, where has the Aioi Yama.

Before 7 pm wheh the afternoon training session start, the vibrant voice of children was heard from Kibune shrine in the rehearsal area.


About 30 people from 2 years old to high school students gathered.

Twenty-two children from Honmachi are participating, others are from other areas such as Nagoya and others.

“Do not put the whistle in absolutely tatami mats” “Do not speak when the teacher is talking” “Aligning the entrance shoes”

Children who are longing for playng instruments as soon as possible, but teaching courtesy is also an important lesson!


This time is the first lesson, among the several Ohayashi this time repeatedly they played the easiest song.

They practiced small drums, whistles, big drums in turn.

Since most children have participated since childhood, the rhythm of the musicians seems to be stuck in the body.

Children of this year for the first time learn hard to depend on the music and senior student movement.

The senior student taught the hands of the lower class students and often observes the movement that the adults perform.

A smile is also seen between serious looks, it is a relaxing and fun atmosphere!


In the year, the participants are many girls, and a few boys.


“Girls go to the bride, of course it is nice to be able to participate regardless of gender, but to have the festival inherited to the next generation also requires the presence of boys.”

the adults said.

In the past, the Ogaki festival was one that blended into the life of the town, so that only children in the town where they own their Yama are allowed to go back to school early from school.

But nowadays junior high students and high school students is quite difficult to participate in the festival quite often.


They practiced the music for about 30 minutes and finally practiced “singing” , the training of the first day is over.

They will practice every night from now until the festival day.

On the festival day on May 12th and 13th, it is divided into about 3 times, and children of Honmachi perform musicians on Aioi Yama.

Please expect the achievements of the children’s lessons!